Removes Logo from Sauber F1 Team Amid Trademark Allegations


Stake Shares, an Australian trading platform and, prominent cryptocurrency gambling platforms known for their enticing offers and innovative approach, are entangled in a legal battle involving trademark infringement allegations. These accusations center around claims that, in its pursuit of brand recognition, replicated the trading company’s name and logo, resulting in substantial challenges for investors associated with both platforms.

Trademark Prevention Efforts  Sauber F1 team

In response to the allegations, has taken proactive measures to prevent potential trademark conflicts. Notably, in 2023, the platform removed its logo from the high-profile sponsorship of the Formula 1 team Alfa Romeo during the Melbourne Grand Prix at the Albert Park Circuit. 

The vacant space was then adorned with the Kick logo, a prominent live-streaming platform.’s legal representation emphasizes that any residual display of its branding was unofficial, unintended, and entirely unrelated to the core services provided by the cryptocurrency gambling platform.

Despite the ongoing legal challenges, remains steadfastly committed to expanding its presence in Australia. The platform has actively sought a conventional wagering license in the country, signalling its dedication to navigating complex regulatory landscapes. This strategic move aligns with’s vision for growth, demonstrating resilience amid legal uncertainties.

Stake Shares Voice Concerns Over Potential Image Tarnishing

On the opposing side, Stake Shares, the trading platform at the heart of the allegations, raises serious concerns about the potential damage to its brand integrity. With the responsibility of securing assets exceeding $3 billion, Stake Shares fears that’s activities may lead investors to infer a connection between the two entities, potentially tarnishing its hard-earned image and credibility in the financial markets.

In response to Stake Shares’ concerns, an official spokesperson from dismisses the allegations. The spokesperson highlights that holds trademarks related to trading gift cards and investing, which is distinct from Bitcoin gambling. 

Moreover, they adamantly affirm that their services adhere to strict laws and regulations, emphasizing that they are unavailable in Australia. This counterargument is pivotal for in asserting its innocence and distancing itself from the allegations made by Stake Shares.

Upcoming Proceedings between Stake Shares and

With both companies gearing up for a legal showdown on March 6, the court proceedings will play a crucial role in determining the trajectory of this dispute. maintains its position, refuting most of the charges, while Stake Shares remains resolute in its claims to safeguard its brand. The courtroom clash promises to be a spectacle, with legal experts, industry analysts, and stakeholders closely monitoring the developments.

The outcome of this legal battle extends beyond the immediate dispute between and Stake Shares. The ripple effect could significantly impact the broader cryptocurrency market, influencing investor confidence and regulatory attitudes. 

Furthermore, the expansion plans of both companies, especially in terms of potential partnerships, hang in the balance. As the legal proceedings unfold, stakeholders in the cryptocurrency industry anxiously await the resolution, recognizing its potential to reshape the future landscape of the market.

Finally, the trademark infringement allegations against and the logo removal from the Formula 1 team sponsorship have thrust the cryptocurrency platform into the spotlight. Nonetheless, the ongoing legal battle and the contrasting narratives the involved parties present add complexity to an intricate situation of crypto legal battles. 

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