SphereOne and Rarible Form Strategic Alliance to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming and Crypto Payments


SphereOne, a global innovator in onboarding and payment solutions across multiple blockchains, has partnered strategically with Rarible. Rarible is a leading NFT marketplace solution and infrastructure company. As a result, this collaboration will redefine the landscape of Web3 gaming and crypto payments. Subsequently, the duo aims to catalyze a new wave of growth and innovation within these sectors.

SphereOne & Rarible Boost Web3 Gaming with Crypto

The partnership between SphereOne and Rarible is a testament to the evolving dynamics of the digital economy, particularly in Web3 gaming and cryptocurrency payments

Chris Ries, co-founder of SphereOne, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the complementary nature of SphereOne’s crypto payment solutions and Rarible’s Protocol. “This collaboration is not just a merger of two companies’ technologies but a fusion of visions aimed at driving unprecedented innovation and expanding the frontiers of Web3 innovation,” Ries stated. 

The need to enhance the industry’s conversion pipeline, which suffers from poor performance and low user retention rates, primarily drives the collaboration between SphereOne and Rarible. They are dedicated to reversing this trend by turning new blockchain gamers into consistent, engaged community members.

Alexei Falin, CEO of Rarible, underscored the strategic importance of the alliance, focusing on leveraging SphereOne’s advanced payment technology in conjunction with Rarible’s NFT protocol. This synergy aims to offer a more accessible and interoperable gaming experience, setting new benchmarks in the Web3 sphere. “Our vision is to enhance player engagement through innovative blockchain applications, ultimately paving the way for a richer, more immersive gaming ecosystem,” Falin explained.

Setting New Standards for Accessibility and Interoperability

The collaboration between SphereOne and Rarible is ambitious, aiming to create a more fluid and engaging gaming experience by integrating cutting-edge payment solutions and NFT protocols. This strategic move is expected to enhance the accessibility and interoperability of games within the Web3 domain, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic environment for gamers and developers.

SphereOne’s approach to revolutionizing the gaming experience includes offering intuitive payment solutions. These solutions include card payments with options for split payments in various cryptocurrencies and facilitating in-game item purchases across different blockchains. 

These initiatives aim to make the transition from traditional gaming platforms to blockchain-based ecosystems smoother for gamers. They simplify the process, allowing gamers to engage with and invest in their favourite games more easily.

Rarible plans to integrate these functionalities into its marketplaces, catering to both Web2 and Web3 brands but strongly emphasizing NFT gaming. As a result, this integration will enrich the Web3 gaming ecosystem, providing gamers seamless access to various in-game assets and collectibles across multiple blockchains. “By focusing on NFT gaming, we aim to bridge the gap between the traditional gaming industry and the burgeoning world of blockchain gaming, creating a unified marketplace that serves the needs of all gamers,” Falin remarked.

The strategic partnership between SphereOne and Rarible marks a significant milestone in the quest to enrich the Web3 gaming ecosystem with innovative payment systems and broader blockchain applications. By addressing the current user engagement and retention challenges, this collaboration will unlock new possibilities for gamers and developers, driving the next wave of growth and innovation in the industry.


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