Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity Brand Extends Blue Chip Casino Year


Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, subsidiaries of the Royal Caribbean Group, have recently announced a pivotal decision that will impact the experience of cruise enthusiasts. The extension of the 2023 earning period for the Blue Chip Club, the casino loyalty program, ensures that existing members retain their tier status beyond the conventional deadline of December 31st, marking the end of the gambling year.

Addressing Frustrations and Enhancing the Casino Experience

Celebrity Cruises, a prominent player in the cruise industry, has often referred to its gaming venues as “The Casino,” complemented by the Blue Chip Club loyalty program. However, the dual loyalty program approach has generated frustrations among players, leading to growing calls for consolidating these programs. 

The extended earning period, initially slated to conclude on December 31, 2023, will persist until July 31, 2024, allowing cruise operators ample time to integrate the loyalty programs seamlessly. This decision came when major cruise operators, including Royal Caribbean and Carnival Corporation, increasingly emphasized their casino offerings. 

Recent developments, such as Crystal Cruises reintroducing new slots and poker games in 2024, underscore the importance of the casino experience in shaping the cruise industry’s competitive landscape. Royal Caribbean’s commitment to enhancing the casino experience is evident in recent changes, such as transforming most jazz clubs into smoke-free casino spaces. 

The company is actively working towards program integration, recognizing the value of allowing customers from both subsidiaries to use their player rewards programs interchangeably. This strategic move aims to address existing frustrations and stay ahead in providing an exceptional casino experience for cruise enthusiasts.

Blue Chip Club and Club Royale Loyalty Programs

The Blue Chip Club, Celebrity’s loyalty program, has been a cornerstone of the cruise experience, offering rewards based on wagering. Members receive one tier point for every $1 wagered on slots and $2 on video poker. 

Table games take it further, providing eight tier points for every $1 bet. As members progress through tiers, they unlock various benefits. For example, reaching the Amethyst level at 25,000 points rewards members with $100 in free play per trip. Higher tiers like Sapphire and Sapphire Plus offer increased promotional benefits, creating a tiered experience that caters to the diverse preferences of cruise gamblers.

In contrast, Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale program introduces different criteria for earning tier points. Wagering $5 on slots and $10 on video poker is required to earn one tier point, with table game points influenced by factors such as time limit, game form, and average bet. 

Notably, Royal Caribbean resets player points every April 1, differing from Celebrity’s Blue Chip Club, which traditionally resets on January 1 but has now shifted to August 1 starting in 2024. These distinctions highlight each brand’s unique approaches to rewarding its loyal casino-goers. Celebrity Cruises, renowned for its commitment to providing a comprehensive casino experience, boasts a quality portfolio comprising over 2,000 slots and 150 table games. 

The casino is accessible to passengers aged 18 and above, kicking off its operations once the ship sets sail. Furthermore, the extended earning period for the Blue Chip Club signifies a commitment to delivering an enhanced and streamlined casino experience for avid cruise gamblers. 

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