Lucky Block and Michael Bisping Establish Pioneering Collaboration to Advance MMA Crypto Sports Betting


Lucky Block, a leader in the crypto gambling sector, has joined forces with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) icon Michael Gavin Joseph Bisping. This collaboration represents a significant stride forward, blending the excitement of competitive sports with the innovative world of cryptocurrency betting, setting a new standard for the crypto casino and sports betting arena.

Strategic Alliance with Michael Bisping

The partnership marks a strategic collaboration between Lucky Block and retired MMA heavyweight Michael Bisping, celebrating him as the first British UFC champion after his 2016 victory over Luke Rockhold. Bisping’s transition from a distinguished MMA fighter to a respected sports commentator and influencer has been remarkable. 

His considerable following on social media platforms, including X and Instagram, is a testament to his vast influence and appeal. The collaboration is poised to significantly elevate Lucky Block’s visibility within the MMA community and extend its reach far beyond, tapping into Bisping’s extensive fan base.

Michael Bisping’s illustrious career, characterized by his skill and determination in the ring, mirrors Lucky Block’s ambitious trajectory in the competitive online gambling arena. His endorsement of Lucky Block underscores the platform’s commitment to excellence in combat sports and its endeavour to connect with a broad audience of sports enthusiasts. This partnership is not merely a business transaction; it’s a fusion of two domains – competitive sports and crypto betting – to deliver users a unique and engaging experience worldwide.

Impact on Online Sports Entertainment and Betting

Damian Jacobs, the Community and Growth Manager at Lucky Block, shared his excitement about the partnership, viewing it as a crucial step towards achieving the platform’s goal of dominating the online sports entertainment and betting sphere with its crypto gaming offerings. Allying with Michael Bisping represents a strategic move for Lucky Block to align with leading industry brands. This partnership aims to provide a competitive edge by blending sports’ thrill with the latest cryptocurrency betting innovations.

In addition to the partnership, Lucky Block is enhancing the betting experience for its clientele through the introduction of a Refer-a-Friend program on its licensed Telegram Casino. This initiative offers a 25% lifetime referral commission alongside bonuses for the referrer and referred friends, injecting extra excitement into the betting process. Such innovations indicate Lucky Block’s commitment to offering an enriched user experience, emphasizing the platform’s dedication to staying at the cutting edge of online gambling.

The collaboration between Lucky Block and Michael Bisping is more than a partnership; it symbolizes the evolving landscape in sports betting and online casinos. Leveraging the global appeal of figures like Bisping and the growing interest in cryptocurrency, Lucky Block aims to set new standards in the crypto casino market. This strategic alliance seeks to draw more followers, engage a broader audience, and establish Lucky Block as a significant presence in the crypto casino and sports betting industry.

Lucky Block Redefines  the Crypto Casino Space

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for Lucky Block and Michael Bisping as both parties seek to expand their influence and connect with fans in novel and engaging ways. The global appeal of the UFC, combined with the WWE’s staggering valuation, highlights the potential of this alliance to tap into a massive and diverse audience.

Through innovative offerings and strategic collaborations like the one with Bisping, Lucky Block is not just participating in the crypto casino market; it’s leading it. The platform is setting new benchmarks for VIP crypto casinos, offering unmatched service and opportunities to its users. 

With a keen focus on integrating sports and crypto betting, Lucky Block is poised to offer an unparalleled betting experience that resonates with sports fans and crypto enthusiasts alike. As the partnership unfolds, the anticipation among fans and users is palpable. 


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