How Token Utility Can Spur Growth in the Gaming Sector: Insights from Crypto Giants at NFT Paris Conference


NFT Paris conference shows that the crypto gaming sector is at a pivotal juncture, with a discernible shift in how gaming tokens are perceived and utilized. At the heart of this transformation is the growing realization that for crypto gaming to evolve and thrive, tokens must offer more than just in-game rewards. 

Sébastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox, notably articulated this perspective during a panel at the NFT Paris conference. Borget emphasized the critical need for gaming tokens to provide tangible benefits to players, highlighting a widespread dissatisfaction among gamers with token mechanisms that lack practical utility.

Support From Industry Leaders  At NFT Paris Conference

The sentiment expressed by Borget resonates deeply within the crypto-gambling community, signalling a broader discontent with the superficial application of tokens. Moreover, he observed that many token projects falter, especially during economic downturns, due to their failure to maintain user engagement through meaningful interaction. 

However, the scenario underscores an urgent call to action for the industry to reassess and innovate the functionality of gaming tokens. Other luminaries in the crypto gaming sphere who participated in the panel, including Robby Yung, CEO of Investment at Animoca Brands; Aleksander Larsen of Sky Mavis; and Roham Gharegozlou, Founder of Dapper Labs, echoed this call in their insights.

Their collective viewpoints shed light on the evolving narrative around gaming tokens and their potential to redefine the gaming experience. Larsen supported Borget’s critique, suggesting a deviation from the core purpose of gaming tokens, which should fundamentally enhance and enrich the gaming environment. 

Gharegozlou expanded on this by highlighting the empowering role of tokens in granting players autonomy over their gaming journeys, including the ownership of in-game assets and reputations. He proposed that tokens could serve as a bridge to broader acceptance, facilitating the application of gaming assets across various sectors.

Integrating Tokens into the Digital Ecosystem

Yung’s contribution highlighted how tokens play a transitional role in facilitating value exchange between games, pointing towards a future realization of a fully interoperable metaverse. He advocated using fungible tokens to facilitate secure transactions across different gaming platforms, suggesting a broader applicability of tokens beyond mere rewards, particularly in crypto gambling.

These discussions mark a critical moment in the crypto gambling industry’s evolution, highlighting a collective move towards ensuring that tokens are not only about rewards but also about offering real experiences and practical uses. Nevertheless, this shift is not isolated to the gaming sector alone. Instead, the SportFi sector also reflects it, where a recent study demonstrated how Fan Tokens enhance sports engagement.

The study showed how Fan Tokens enhance fans’ connection to teams and facilitate a more democratic communication channel between fans and clubs. By harnessing blockchain technology, Fan Tokens enrich community interactions within sports and empower fans to influence club decisions.

This convergence of developments across the crypto gaming and SportFi sectors points to a growing trend towards tokens that provide genuine value and engagement opportunities. As the industry continues to evolve, the focus will likely remain on developing tokens that offer functionalities beyond mere rewards, aiming for a more integrated and interactive digital ecosystem. 

Therefore, this evolution represents a significant step towards redefining the relationship between players, fans, and the games they love, heralding a new era in digital entertainment. The insights shared by industry leaders at the NFT Paris conference serve as a beacon, guiding the sector toward a future where tokens transcend their traditional roles.

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