Grintafy Teams Up With Chiliz to Unleash Web3 Gaming in Saudi Arabia


The world of sports tech just witnessed a power move!  Saudi Arabia’s leading Sportstech platform, Grintafy (founded by Majdi Allulu in 2019), has joined forces with Chiliz, a major player in SportFi. This isn’t just about funding – it’s a game-changer that propels Grintafy into the exciting world of Web3 gaming, marking a significant milestone for the company.

Chillz Invests in Grintafy

The recent investment from Chiliz into Grintafy has sent ripples of excitement throughout the sports and tech communities. While the exact investment amount remains undisclosed, this development comes on the heels of Grintafy’s successful $2.1 million bridge round in 2022, backed by Wa’ed Ventures, Aramco’s capital fund, and other investors. With over a million users onboard, Grintafy has cemented its position as Asia’s largest talent discovery platform.

Grintafy’s services extend beyond mere talent discovery; they offer top-notch services to football organizations across the region, expanding their reach to European countries renowned for their rich football history and elite academies, such as Spain and England. Moreover, the company’s expertise in identifying and nurturing soccer talent has earned it a reputation as a game-changer in the sports industry.

The collaboration with Chiliz represents a strategic move to introduce advanced technological infrastructure and Web3 gaming features to Grintafy’s platform. This partnership will also enhance Grintafy’s capabilities in leveraging blockchain technology to rate and rank players, providing a more transparent and efficient talent evaluation system.

Daniel Maglietta Speaks on the New Partnership

Daniel Maglietta, Chiliz’s soccer commercial director, will serve as a key advisor to Grintafy, supporting its global expansion plans. This aligns perfectly with the tech-driven transformation outlined in Vision 2030, which promises enhanced sports services for Saudi youth and opportunities to improve athletic capabilities.

Chiliz’s ecosystem offers unique features, such as the ability for players to stake digital assets, making it a hub for innovative sports engagement. With over 150 global sports partners and 82 fan tokens, Chiliz has established itself as a leader in fan engagement and sports monetization.

This investment isn’t just a win for Grintafy; it also brings significant advantages to Chiliz and its ecosystem. With a commitment to soccer’s growth and global reach, Chiliz sees this partnership as an opportunity to extend its reach among Saudis and tap into the thriving football scene in the region.

Majdi Allulu, Grintafy’s CEO, expressed immense enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the shared vision between Grintafy and Chiliz to revolutionize the sports tech space and drive soccer’s growth in the Middle East. Alexandre Dreyfus, Chiliz’s CEO, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the strategic value of the investment and the mutual benefits it brings to both companies.

The partnership between Grintafy and Chiliz signifies a new era in sports technology, blending Web3 innovations with talent discovery and fan engagement. As they work together to bridge European football teams with Saudi talent, the ripple effects of this collaboration are poised to reshape the sports landscape, offering exciting opportunities for athletes, fans, and investors globally.


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