Gaming Corps Expands Georgia’s Gaming Landscape through Partnership with Ambassadoribet


To enhance the gaming experience in Georgia, Gaming Corps, the boundary-pushing iGaming supplier, has officially partnered with Ambassadoribet. This collaboration allows Gaming Corps to broaden its gaming offerings within the Georgia gambling scene as Ambassadoribet joins the wagon-growing list of over 1000 partners.

A Plethora of Games at Your Fingertips

Ambassadoribet, a recognized and beloved gambling destination in Georgia, now has the opportunity to integrate all Gaming Corps games seamlessly into its platform. Within the Ambassadoribet gaming environment, players can explore a diverse range of captivating titles, including the newly introduced Wild Woof and Super Hot Stacks.

Expressing excitement about this venture, Mats Lundin, the Director of Sales at Gaming Corps, shared, “Throughout this year, we have focused on enhancing our game portfolio. It is truly gratifying to offer gaming services to a broader audience. We are thrilled to share these new experiences with Ambassadoribet’s players, as we have ambitious plans for the upcoming gambling season. We hope to both benefit from and enjoy our time together.”

Enriching Player Options at Ambassadoribet

Giorgi Gogua, COO of Ambassadoribet, echoed the sentiment, stating, “We are delighted to enrich our gaming offerings by incorporating the Gaming Corp suite. With a diverse selection of innovative and classic games, our players have many engaging options to explore. 

We eagerly anticipate presenting these choices to our player base. Furthermore, Gaming Corps is committed to maximizing the potential of this partnership, especially as they unveil a selection of the best content in the upcoming gambling year.

This collaboration is a strategic move for Gaming Corps, aligning with its proactive efforts to expand distribution channels. Recently, the company also formed a partnership with Alea Play, a modern gaming solution provider for top casinos, on January 16, 2024, with expectations to distribute its games suite, featuring popular releases like Wild Woof, Paddy’s Payout, Coin Miner, and more.

In addition to the engagement with Ambassadoribet, Gaming Corps has been actively strengthening its global presence through recent collaborations, including alliances with Brazino777, a developing gambling and betting company, and Betway. These moves aim to solidify Gaming Corps’ foothold in the Belarusian and African markets, showcasing the company’s commitment to global expansion.

Mats Lundin emphasized, “Our partnership with Ambassadoribet is a testament to our commitment to enriching the gaming landscape in Georgia. We believe in delivering top-notch gaming experiences, and Ambassadoribet provides the perfect platform to reach enthusiastic players in the region. This collaboration is part of our holistic approach to establishing a strong presence in key markets worldwide.”

Global Expansion Initiatives

While the collaboration with Ambassadoribet takes center stage, Gaming Corps is simultaneously making significant strides in its global expansion initiatives. The partnership with Alea Play is a crucial component of this strategy, opening doors to top casinos and widening the reach of Gaming Corps’ games suite.

Additionally, alliances with Brazino777 and Betway signify a focused effort to tap into the burgeoning markets of Belarus and Africa. These regions present unique growth opportunities, and Gaming Corps aims to leverage its expertise and innovative gaming content to capture the attention of diverse player demographics.

Lundin hinted at the release of a selection of the best content in the upcoming gambling year, promising an array of thrilling games that will captivate players and elevate their gaming experiences. Giorgi Gogua from Ambassadoribet expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential, stating, “The collaboration with Gaming Corps comes when we actively seek to enhance our gaming offerings. 

We highly anticipate the upcoming releases from Gaming Corps and are eager to introduce these games to our player base. This partnership aligns with our commitment to staying at the forefront of the gaming industry in Georgia.”


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