FUNToken’s CEO David Dobrovitsky Reveals Strategic Shift Towards DeFi


DeFi is gaining traction once more as the bull run gets close. In an exclusive interview, David Dobrovitsky, the CEO of FUNToken, shed light on the company’s recent strategic shift towards decentralized finance (DeFi). This move signifies a pivotal moment for the platform as it actively explores various aspects of the DeFi sector, including staking, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), proprietary blockchain systems, and collaborations with lending protocols.

Embracing DeFi

FUNToken, with its roots deeply embedded in Gamblefi, is now eyeing DeFi to enhance platform usage and gain significant popularity, especially in North America. Dobrovitsky emphasized the multifaceted benefits of staking, describing it as crucial in initiating a DeFi platform. Staking facilitates DAO voting and induces a deflationary impact, stimulates traffic, and fosters brand promotion.

With a keen focus on the North American market, FUNToken aims to leverage the growing interest in decentralized finance. Dobrovitsky believes that the move towards DeFi will enhance the platform’s utility and broaden its user base, ultimately contributing to its widespread recognition.

Developing a Dedicated Blockchain and Overcoming Challenges

Discussing plans, Dobrovitsky shared insights into the development of a dedicated blockchain for FUNToken. Although still in its early stages, this initiative aims to attract top projects by inviting them to utilize the token in various applications and gaming scenarios. 

The new blockchain systems seek to address longstanding issues such as slow transaction speeds, high gas fees, and network congestion, which were significant challenges during the platform’s initial integration with the Ethereum network. Assuming his role as CEO at the beginning of the month, Dobrovitsky clarified that his primary focus is overseeing FUNToken within a larger ecosystem that includes entities like DPLAY Casino and FUN Wallet. 

Despite the commitment to FUNToken’s gaming roots, he acknowledged the necessity of modernization to stay relevant in the ever-evolving crypto markets. Emphasizing the challenges faced by gamble tokens in the American token space, Dobrovitsky asserted that embracing DeFi is not just an option but a crucial step for the token’s continued evolution.

Dobrovitsky’s Perspective on DeFi

Expanding on the broader significance of decentralized finance  in the cryptocurrency landscape, Dobrovitsky drew from his experience founding Glitter Finance in 2021. Glitter Finance is a cross-chain DeFi protocol dedicated to creating a bridging process for non-native crypto users and establishing a peer-to-peer crypto payment platform.

Dobrovitsky highlighted the vibrant community within the DeFi space, consisting of retail traders engaged in arbitrage, cross-chain token activities, and various financial transactions. Subsequently, this community collectively contributes to shaping the market dynamics, underlining the significant role of DeFi in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

The CEO stressed the importance of learning from past experiences and applying those lessons to FUNToken’s journey into DeFi. With Glitter Finance as a testament to his commitment to innovation, Dobrovitsky envisions FUNToken becoming a prominent player in the DeFi space, contributing to the growth and maturation of decentralized finance on a global scale.

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