Full House Resorts Opens Its Splendor Chamonix Casino Hotel in Cripple Creek


In a dazzling celebration on December 27, 2023, Full House Resorts proudly unveiled its latest gem, the Chamonix Casino Hotel, nestled in the heart of Cripple Creek, Colorado. This luxurious haven, featuring 300 rooms, seamlessly marries the thrill of a casino experience with the luxury of a world-class hotel, ushering in a new era of entertainment and leisure.

A Gaming Oasis in the Colorado Mountains

Chamonix Casino Hotel stands as a beacon of excitement, strategically located just 45 miles from the vibrant city of Colorado Springs. The sprawling casino floor beckons guests with a harmonious blend of classic and cutting-edge slot machines, an array of inviting table games, and a dedicated lottery section. The grand launch, a culmination of anticipation since the project’s announcement on March 23, 2021, signifies a momentous occasion for Full House Resorts and the eager patrons who have awaited this spectacle.

Unveiling Festivities and Guest Amenities of Chamonix Casino

The clock struck noon on December 27, 2023, marking the official inauguration of Chamonix Casino Hotel. The revelry occurred as the project unveiled the entire casino and a segment of the guestroom hotel, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in them.

The establishment welcomes guests with open arms and provides an array of amenities, including valet services, a spacious garage, and convenient surface parking facilities. Chamonix Bistro, a temporary restaurant and buffet, will cater to culinary needs in the meeting room area to ensure a seamless and enjoyable stay during the early stages. 

Full operational capacities are expected within seven working days, promising patrons an unparalleled experience upon entering the doors. Chamonix Casino Hotel extends its offerings beyond gaming, promising a holistic experience for its distinguished guests. 

In the coming month, the establishment plans to unveil the sophisticated 980 Prime restaurant, poised to redefine culinary excellence in Cripple Creek. As guests indulge their taste buds, they can explore the retail haven of Ore and Alloy, a destination where luxury meets convenience. 

For those seeking relaxation, the Chamonix Spa provides a tranquil escape, enhancing the overall experience and positioning the resort as a multifaceted destination for leisure and entertainment.

Baxter Lee, the esteemed General Manager of Chamonix Casino Hotel, shared his excitement about this milestone, stating, “Chamonix is a distinctive retreat, offering a luxury Las Vegas experience against the breathtaking backdrop of the Colorado mountains. We are thrilled to open Chamonix’s doors on December 27 and extend a warm welcome to all our friends from Colorado and beyond.”

Financial Success and Strategic Partnerships

Full House Resorts’ robust financial performance in the first quarter of the year, which showcased an impressive 21% increase in revenue, underpins this momentous development. The company attributes this success to strategic expansions and partnerships, with a noteworthy collaboration with Circa Sports to launch Circa Sports Illinois. 

This venture bolsters Full House Resorts’ presence and provides patrons mobile betting options and a conventional sports betting hall at American Place Casino in Waukegan. Such strategic initiatives underscore the company’s commitment to innovation, growth, and delivering unparalleled experiences to its patrons.

The grand opening of Chamonix Casino Hotel marks a significant chapter in Full House Resorts’ journey, solidifying its position as a critical player in the gaming and hospitality industry. As the Chamonix experience unfolds, it promises to redefine luxury, entertainment, and relaxation in the picturesque landscape of Cripple Creek, Colorado.


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