Duelbits.com Introduces MMA Fantasy Game with a 1 BTC Jackpot Offer


Duelbits.com, renowned for hosting an array of thrilling crypto slot games and over 50 sports games, is taking the excitement up a notch this weekend. The platform is rolling out a free-to-play MMA Fantasy Game, enticing players to predict the winner of virtual MMA matches and snag a chance at a substantial jackpot—a whopping 1 BTC.

Unleash Your Inner Nostradamus and Win Big

As cryptocurrency enthusiasts bask in the glory of Bitcoin, reaching a significant milestone at 68k, Duelbits seizes the moment by offering an enticing jackpot that translates to over $68,000 for the fortunate winners. This strategic move aligns with the platform’s commitment to delivering entertainment and substantial rewards for its user base.

Adding an extra layer of thrill to the MMA Fantasy Game, Duelbits.com ensures that every participant has a shot at victory. Alongside the 1 BTC jackpot, there’s a guaranteed $2,000 leaderboard prize for every player on the platform. The live leaderboard dynamically updates after each fight, providing a transparent view of each participant’s standing in the thrilling competition.

How to Claim Your Shot at the 1 BTC Jackpot on Duelbits.com

Engaging in this high-stakes promotion on Duelbits is straightforward, ensuring that both seasoned gamblers and newcomers can dive into the excitement with ease. For those who still need to register on the platform, the first step is to create an account to unlock the doors to this exhilarating opportunity.

Once registered, participants can navigate to the promotion section and click on the “Ultimate Fighting Jackpot.” This is the gateway to accessing the virtual MMA fights and the associated fight cards. To partake in the jackpot pursuit, participants need to interact with a dropdown box, where they select their predicted winners for each fight in the card.

The mechanics of the game are simple yet strategic. Players earn five points for accurately predicting both the winner and the method of victory for a given fight. However, even if they only get the winner correct without specifying the method, they still secure 1 point. Participants, however, receive no points if their prediction fails to cover both aspects.

Moreover, the excitement and anticipation escalate as players progress through the fight card, accumulating points with each accurate prediction. It’s a strategic battle in which the outcomes and methods of victory become pivotal factors in determining the jackpot winners.

Duelbits’ introduction of the MMA Fantasy Game with a 1 BTC jackpot adds a thrilling dimension to crypto betting. With a user-friendly interface and transparent leaderboard updates, Duelbits ensures this weekend’s virtual MMA battles become a memorable and potentially lucrative experience for crypto enthusiasts and betting fans. So, gear up, register, and dive into the action-packed world of MMA Fantasy on Duelbits to claim your share of the 1 BTC jackpot!

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