Advertising Policy

1. Introduction

At, we strive to offer our users a transparent, honest, and safe browsing experience. This advertising policy outlines the standards and guidelines we follow when partnering with advertisers and displaying advertisements on our platform.

2. Advertiser Vetting

All advertisers and affiliate partners must undergo a thorough vetting process before being permitted to advertise on We reserve the right to reject or remove any advertiser that does not meet our standards or is deemed not in the best interest of our users.

3. Transparent Relationships

As an affiliate site, we earn commissions from some of the links and promotions featured on our platform. We are committed to ensuring transparency with our users. Any content or link that may earn us a commission will be clearly marked or indicated as “Affiliate” or “Promoted”.

4. No Guarantee of Endorsement

While we feature advertisements and promotions, it doesn’t mean that we fully endorse or guarantee the products, services, or content offered by advertisers. Users should exercise their own due diligence before engaging with an advertiser or signing up for a service.

5. Ad Content Standards

Advertisements must:

  • Not promote illegal, deceptive, or misleading products or services.
  • Be free from hate speech, discrimination, and any form of harmful or offensive content.
  • Not use high-pressure sales tactics or make false promises.
  • Be relevant to the crypto and casino industry.

6. User Data and Privacy

Advertisers are strictly prohibited from collecting user data from our platform without explicit user consent. All advertisers must respect our Privacy Policy.

7. Advertisement Placement and Integrity

Advertisements will be placed in a manner that does not interfere with the user experience. We prohibit the use of invasive ad techniques such as pop-ups, auto-play videos with sound, or misleading ad placements.

8. Changes to Advertising Policy reserves the right to change or amend this advertising policy at any time without prior notice. Advertisers and users are encouraged to regularly review this policy to stay updated.

9. Reporting Concerns

If users come across any advertisements that they believe violate our advertising policy or have concerns about any content, they are encouraged to contact us immediately.

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